At Shelby Paint & Decorating, we have a long history of giving back to the community.

We are a locally owned business, providing jobs for Detroit area residents at our three stores in Shelby Township, Rochester Hills and Grosse Pointe. Investing in our community is part of our company’s mission. You might say it’s part of our DNA.

For example, our Motor City Paint is manufactured in Michigan, for Michigan’s extreme weather conditions. It creates jobs for Michigan families because it is produced locally. And, because the paint is shipped a short distance, we reduce our carbon footprint which lowers costs. This is good for our customers and the environment.

We donated nearly 1,000 gallons of recycled paint to help Motor City Blight Busters with neighborhood beautification in several areas of Detroit

Now, we are pleased to announce our next generation of giving. Ten percent of the net profits on Motor City Paint sales are being donated to the Detroit Historical Society.

Since 1921, the Detroit Historical Society has dedicated themselves to ensuring that the history of our region is preserved. They believe it is important that current and future generations of metro Detroiters understand the people, places and events that helped shape our community.

As we work to help Detroit families preserve the historical integrity and aesthetic of their homes, we believe that this unique partnership further supports the rebirth of pride for the past and the future of the Motor City.