It’s the end of October. And we’re already counting down until our favorite time of the year: holiday season.

The holidays are one of the best times for decorating. Everyone does their best to infuse their homes with good cheer and holiday magic. Holiday decorations have a way of transforming any space into a winter wonderland.

If you’re in a new home this year, or if you’re just looking to spruce up your current holiday set-up with some new decorations, here are three of our favorite tips.

Make Space Count

When most of us think of holiday decorations, we think of grand displays of string lights or Christmas trees. But that may not be feasible for people who live in small homes, condos, or similar living situations.

Luckily, bigger doesn’t always mean better, and smaller doesn’t always mean less grand! There are plenty of ways to transform your already existing space into a holiday-party-ready room.

Look at what you already have — your dining table, your walls, your doors, and your entryways. Spruce them up for the holidays with wreaths, tinsel, and lights! Candles also add a warm touch. A small, cozy space decorated tastefully can be just as magical as a big display.

Celebrate the Ones You Love

No matter what holiday you celebrate, the season is perfect for remembering those that are close to you. Why not bring that spirit into your decorations?

Decorations that incorporate pictures of friends and family throughout the year are perfect. Not only do they show how much you care, they also help generate conversation at parties as people remember all of the fun times they had throughout the year.

As everyone gathers around inside, away from the cold, festive decorations like these will remind everyone about what’s truly important about the holidays.

Don’t be Afraid to DIY

There’s no “right” way to celebrate the holidays. And your decorations should be just as unique as you are!

That’s why DIY decorations are wonderful. They can capture the spirit of the holiday your way. They also let you stretch your creative muscles and have fun.

If you need paint for your DIY projects, we can help. Come to one of Shelby Paint’s three locations at Grosse Pointe, Shelby Township or Rochester Hills. We’re open 7 days a week to make sure that you get the perfect paint for your holiday project.