Social media…love it or hate it…its impact on business and society today is undeniable. Through social media, anyone with access to the internet has a voice. No longer the domain of teens and 20-somethings, social media provides a forum for everyone to participate in larger dialogues that reach into nearly every corner of the world.

With over 2 billion daily users, chances are you are one of the multitudes of people who regularly look at your Facebook News Feed to see what your family and friends are doing. Like the town square of days gone by, Facebook provides a forum for connecting that is unmatched by anything else

Perhaps you are hooked on Instagram, Pinterest or Twitter. Each has its own language and rhythm. If you are effective personally on any platform, you can be reasonably confident that you can have some success with a company page too.

Are you using social media to promote your paint contracting business? Should you be?

Our recommendation is, “Yes!” And, here are several outstanding reasons why!

1. Social media helps you build relationships with your prospects and customers and keeps them engaged with you. With a social media presence, you have an opportunity to stay connected to your customers and prospects long after you first meet them. What can you do to engage and keep them connected? Tell your story. Show them photos of your work—especially those before-and-after photos. Easily shot with the camera on your smartphone, you can document your job site conditions, progress made, and show off the finished project. Instantly upload your projects to social media and share them with your connections. By connecting with your customers online, you can ‘tag’ them and expand the reach of your posts and comments. In just a few minutes of time, you’ve created a message that promotes your company. You also give your clients something to brag about and share on their social media platforms.

2. Social media helps you deliver better customer service. Find out what your customers are saying about you before, during and after you have completed the work. Are they happy? Are they telling their friends? Are they showing off their new paint job and tagging your company? (We hope so!)

Perhaps there is an issue you aren’t aware of and a customer mentions it online in a review. Social media is always listening, and with appropriate notification settings, you can listen too. Left ignored, the negative comments can hurt your reputation. Social media provides an opportunity to engage and take the conversation offline. Once resolved, many customers willingly go back online and update their review, highlighting how you helped them through the situation.

3. Social media is free. It’s free to join your favorite social media platform. It’s free to set up your company page. And, it doesn’t cost you anything to post something about your company. Sure, there is a little time spent, and time IS money, but if you can find just 10 minutes a day to check in and post something, you’ve started marketing on social media without making a huge financial investment like you would in newspaper, radio or coupon advertising.

4. Social media helps you manage your online reputation. Even if you haven’t personally created a company page, there’s a pretty good chance your business already exists on social media. The internet has a funny way of picking up information and populating itself based on information seen elsewhere. How does it happen? A prime example is if you or a crew member identifies your company as their employer in their bio, social media creates a ghost page for you. If you don’t go online and claim it, you open yourself up to your competitor hijacking your page and potentially doing or saying things that damage your reputation. The best way to manage this is to OWN and verify your pages on all platforms and distribute your message there on a regular basis.

5. Social media can be geo-targeted to your specific marketing area. Sure, social media has a global reach, but its best use is LOCAL. All paint contracting is local. If you wish to run a ‘paid advertising campaign,’ you can target as small as a zip code or as large as a nation. This means you spend money where it matters most, resulting in higher returns on your investment. (FYI: Facebook ads start for as little as $20.)

6. Social media is a terrific way to gain insights about your customers. Most social media platforms feature insights and analytics that will tell you everything you need to know about your customers. From demographics to the time of day and the type of device they use to connect, data is compiled and reported in real time, giving you the ability to adapt as necessary.

At Motor City Paint, we’ve found social media to be an effective way to find new customers and engage with current and past customers. Facebook is our preferred social media platform for retail customers. We also have a Professional Painters Private Group Page for paint contractors. Have you joined our group yet? Click HERE and request to join right now. Let’s talk about social media and how to make it work for your company.

For more on building your own Facebook Company Page, click HERE.