When a room is begging for a make-over, it’s probably time to shake things up a bit and bring in some new colors, textures and design elements. Often, projects begin with an inspiration piece. In the case of a recent customer, it was a beautiful 8 x 12 Oriental rug she had purchased at an estate sale for the bargain price of $125. It was going to look beautiful over her tiled floors.

For any room, color can be everything. Color sets the tone and creates the mood in a room. After a trip to Shelby Paint & Decorating, she came home with a dozen or so paint swatches. For a few days she spread them out on her desk and observed them throughout the day. There were a few that simply didn’t work so she deleted them from the choices.

Next, she laid out her selections on top of the Oriental rug. As she entered and left the room, she would look them over to see where her eyes were drawn. A few more were tossed away as she narrowed her choices. Finally, she zeroed in on the perfect color for her home office: Central Park. Simple, satisfying and soothing.

After filling and sanding all of the tiny holes on the walls left by the previous owner’s artwork and moving large furniture pieces to the center of the room, she washed the ceiling, walls and woodwork to make sure the surfaces were in the best condition to receive the paint. Not the most fun part of the job, but clean surfaces are a fundamental requirement for a perfect paint job.

room make overThe ceiling was painted with a fresh coat of Benjamin Moore’s Waterborne Ceiling Paint. The walls covered easily with one coat of Benjamin Moore Regal Select Waterborne Interior Paint, a paint and primer in my chosen color of Central Park. Wall by wall, the room took on its new essence as the new, delicious shade or green covered an old drab green. Finally, all of the trim received a fresh coat of white ADVANCE Waterborne Interior Alkyd Paint. It’s stunning!

It took two days to complete the painting. Working around the large pieces of furniture that couldn’t be removed from the room made the job just a little bit more challenging. On the third day, the large Oriental rug was placed in the center of the room along with the other office furniture pieces. A few plants added a fresh touch. Today, the office has a certain calm feeling that inspires her to do her best work.

Is there a room in your home that is begging for a make-over? What are you waiting for? Find your inspiration in a piece of art, a pillow or the fabric on a chair or sofa. Use your inspiration piece to help you select the perfect color for your new living space.

If you aren’t quite up for the challenge of deciding which color or type of paint, visit any one of the three Shelby Paint & Decorating stores and talk to one of their certified color-trained designers. Let Shelby’s experts guide you to the perfect selection for your room make-over.

Take home your paint swatches and audition the color in the natural light of your space next to your inspiration piece. If you’re still not sure, join the Shelby Paint Color Club and get one (1) FREE pint-size sample of any Benjamin Moore color. Paint a large patch on the wall to help you decide if you have indeed chosen the perfect color for your newly-designed space.

Let your imagination go! Be inspired! Paint is one of the easiest, most cost-effective ways to transform a space. Visit Shelby Paint today and you will quickly come to understand why we are “a source of a different color.”