The summer months are just around the corner! Many Michiganders love taking advantage of the warm weather with barbecues, block parties, and other outdoor get-togethers. And as anyone who has one can attest to, a good deck can take one of these parties from good to great!

Maybe you’re building a deck for the first time. Or maybe you’re noticing that the winter months have been less than kind this year, and your deck is in need of a touch-up. Whatever the situation, you have a very important question to ask yourself: should you paint the deck, or stain it?

Both options are wonderful, and your decision depends entirely on personal preference! Here are just some of the reasons you might be inclined to pick one over the other:

Paint: a unique look

Paint comes in a wide variety of colors, and lets you really express your creativity. If you’re not a fan of the basic brown or beige look of most decks, or if you don’t think a natural wood color matches the color scheme of your home, paint is definitely the option for you.

Paint is a good choice because it makes your deck easier to clean. And, the right kind of paint can even obscure or repair small flaws in the wood of an older deck, saving you money on new planks.

However, paint will completely cover the “wood grain” appearance of your deck. It’s also a commitment — once you paint your deck, you can’t switch to stain without essentially tearing the whole thing up and starting over again.

Stain: for natural beauty

Stain brings out the natural beauty of the wood for a rustic look. It’s similar to the natural wood but more uniform and even. If you have a beautiful wood like cypress or cedar, you might want to use a stain to showcase it rather than cover it up with paint.

Stain also prevents moisture, which paint does not do. In addition, many paints tend to be slippery when wet, while most stains don’t have this problem.

Be aware, though, that stain often does not last as long as paint. It also will not do anything to repair cracks or warped wood, because it is thinner than paint.

An Option that Lasts

No matter what you choose — paint or stain — you can’t just choose any brand.

An exterior paint or stain for a Michigan home needs to be made for Michigan’s rugged weather conditions. It needs to look nice in the summer while staying durable during the winter. That’s why we made Motor City Paint, to create paints and stains with a proven track record against the harsh Michigan climate.

If you’re looking to paint or stain your deck, come to one of Shelby Paint’s three locations in Rochester Hills, Shelby Township or Grosse Pointe and speak to one of our color experts. When it comes to stain and paint, we’re proud to be our state’s “Source of a Different Color!”