There are two types of painters: those who focus most on the application process, and those who focus on what comes next.

What kind of painter they come across in the questions they ask. Some ask, “How easy is this paint to apply?” or “Can I apply this with a roller or a brush?” While others are more inclined to ask, “How stain-resistant is this paint?” or “Is this paint easy to wash?”

Of course, both of these qualities are important to have in a high-quality paint. You want a paint that works with you from the beginning and continues to serve you reliably as the years go on.

That’s where Motor City Paint’s Ambassador Ceramic Matte Finish stands out!

The Ambassador Ceramic Matte Finish contains ceramic microspheres that create a stain-resistant finish like no other. And its self-priming, self-leveling and splatter resistant qualities means that it’s easy for anyone to apply with ease.

We aren’t the only ones who think that this line stands up to the test, either. In fact, when tested against 11 competitor brands by CRGI Labs, an accredited paint testing lab in Ohio, the Ambassador Ceramic Matte Finish scored highest in several different performance ratings, including categories such as contrast ratio, stain blocking, fingerprint resistance, and ease of roller application. You can read the full report HERE.

Best of all, the Ambassador Ceramic Matte Finish line carries the same promise as all Motor City Paint lines: 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. We warranty satisfactory results if used according to label directions. We will replace the product or refund the original purchase price and a give you $50 gift card to our store for the inconvenience.

Ambassador Ceramic Matte Finish is sold at all three Shelby Paint locations in Grosse Pointe, Shelby Township or Rochester Hills. We’re open 7 days a week to provide you with the best paint for your job!