Paint Recycling

Paint Recycling

We recycle water based paints from April 1st through Thanksgiving!

100’s of millions of gallons of paint are left over from painting projects every year in the United States. Many of those gallons sit in your basement or your garage because you cannot dispose of them easily or properly. Even if you do dispose of them properly, those will gallons will end up in our state’s landfills.

There is a better way!

How can I recycle my old paint?

  • Go get your old cans of water based paint from your basement or garage (clean up instructions on the can will say soap and water if it is water based).
  • Check to make sure the paint in the can is liquid. We cannot recycle hard paint.
  • Check to make sure paint cans are not leaking. We cannot take paint that is leaking.
  • Check to make sure can is not rusted shut. We can’t recycle paint we can’t open.
  • Please open can to make sure paint is not moldy or has a musty smell. We cannot recycle paint with bacteria in it.
  • Do not combine or intermix cans.
  • Please make sure they are in the original container with a label.  We cannot accept paint that is not in a paint can with its original label.
  • Bring it to our store for recycling.

Motor City Paint that were previously purchased from Shelby Paint & Decorating will be recycled at no charge. Benjamin Moore & competitor paints can be recycled at no charge if an equal purchase of new paint is being made. A small fee applies to competitors’ paints being recycled without a purchase. Below are the details of the charges.

Non-Color Club Member
$6/ gallon or less*

Color Club Members
$5/gallon or less*

* Five gallons are based on liquid paint remaining no less than a 1 gallon charge.

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