Look around your living space. Is it beginning to look dated? Are your walls scuffed or scratched? If you remove a picture from the wall, is the paint around it looking a little drab? If it’s been 5 years or more, it’s probably time to give your walls a fresh coat of paint.

Nothing changes the character of a room like a fresh coat of paint. It is one of the least expensive ways to update your home. From drab to daring to cozy or spacious, color changes your perceptions about the space you live in.

Choosing the right color can be daunting. At Shelby Paint and Decorating, we offer over 4,500 color choices! How do you know which one is right for your next project?

Where do you begin? Here are four tips for finding the right color for your next room make-over.

  1. Find your inspiration piece. Color cues can come from anywhere! It might be a flower on your favorite painting or a pattern on a sofa, bedspread or drapes. Perhaps it’s the blues of the Caribbean waters that remind you of your last vacation. Or, it could be a cherished vintage piece from your grandmother’s collectibles. Zero in on the one color that inspires you.

Will you use multiple shades of the same color or find coordinating colors? Is the color bold or muted?

Take your inspiration piece (or a photo of it) to the paint store and choose swatches that match your inspirational color.

  1. Define the mood of the space. Color exerts its influence immediately. Are you trying to create a Zen-like space in a bedroom? Blues (35%) and greens (16%%) are the most popular colors for Americans.* Perhaps it’s because they closely resemble our habit of earth and sky, blue and green create a calm backdrop.

Is the space formal or casual? Add some pizazz to a dining room or game room with purple (10%)* or red (9%)* The mood provides a backdrop for the color palette you choose.

Neutrals are always popular—especially if you are staging your home for sale. In a goes-with-anything statement, Benjamin Moore announced the 2016 color of the year as Simply White. It’s timeless, fresh and looks good everywhere!

  1. Audition your colors. Take your swatches home. Put them on the wall in your room. Stand back and consider what you have. Imagine the color flooding the space. If you see something that definitely doesn’t work, take it down. Leave the swatches there for a day or two. Look at them under different light conditions. Colors appear differently when the sun is streaming in through the window than they do when a lamp is turned on in the evening.

Again, if you see a color that doesn’t fit, remove it.

Audition your colors on the floor—especially if your flooring (carpet, tile or wood) will be the same after you paint. How do they look now? Is there a color that leaps out at you? If so, you’re almost there!

  1. Pick up a pint-size sample of your chosen color and apply it to your wall. Just like the fit of a tailored jacket, seeing the actual color painted on the wall will help you confirm your selection. How does the paint look during the day versus in the evening? Does it work with other elements like furniture and carpet?

Does your chosen color pass the audition? If so, then you are ready to paint!

At Shelby Paint we realize that choosing a paint color can be challenging. At all of our stores, you can talk to designers who are trained in the art of color. They are your best resource to answer your questions and concerns.

Audition your next room color today. Join our Color Club and get one (1) FREE pint-size sample of any Benjamin Moore color sample.

At Shelby Paint we are your source of a different color. Try something new today!