Specialty Paint & Stain

Some projects require very specific solutions. That is why Shelby Paint and Decorating seeks out the best product for your projects. We carry a variety of specialty paints & stains from Benjamin Moore, UGL (United Gilsonite Labratories), Old Masters, Modern Masters, Rustoleum, Zinsser and More.

Because different surfaces require different preparations and coatings, it is important to discuss your home’s materials – whether drywall, vinyl, stucco, brick, metal or wood – with your local Shelby Paint & Decorating paint expert.

UGL Dry Lock Water Proofer

UGL Dry Lock Water Proofer

Original DRYLOK Latex Base Masonry Waterproofer is the most economical of the DRYLOK® formulas. Top Rated By a Leading Independent Consumer Ratings Publication. Stops 10 psi (a wall of water greater than 22 feet high). Features a Fully Transferable 10-Year Warranty.

  • Ready mixed – Low-odor Formula
  • Withstands 10 pounds of hydrostatic pressure, greater than a wall of water 22 feet high
  • Breathable film – does not trap moisture in masonry
  • 10-year Warranty
  • Clean up with soap and water
  • Applies easily with brush and/or roller
  • Complies with all current VOC and/or VOS
  • Tintable
UGL Wet Look High Gloss Paver Sealer

UGL Wet Look High Gloss Paver Sealer

This product is a clear, non-yellowing, water-based acrylic coating formulated for use on interior or exterior masonry surfaces. Provides superior hardness and durability. Protects against efflorescence (white, powdery, salt-like deposits) visible on the masonry. Built in flash rust resistance prevents orange staining of surface when applied to masonry containing natural metals. Excellent chemical resistance to de-icing salts, gasoline, oil and weathering. Blush resistant formula will not turn white or haze when exposed to moisture after full cure. Ideal for horizontal and vertical surfaces such as walkways, driveways, pavers, brick, poured concrete, Chattahoochee stone, and artificial stone.

  • Protection with a natural appearance
  • Ideal masonry primer
  • Minimizes concrete dusting, cracking and pock marking
  • Hardens concrete
  • One coat protection
Old Masters Gel Stain

Old Masters Gel Stain

Old Master Gel Stain is a solvent based heavy body stain. It is designed to produce the most uniform color on a variety of surfaces. Old Master’s Gel stain can be used to stain fiber glass doors. Available in 27 ready mixed colors. This stain is our most popular stain due to the consistency in color it provides when using multiple types of wood.

  • Heavy Bodied Stain
  • Uniform finish on multiple types of wood on the same project.
  • Can be used on Fiber Glass Doors
  • 27 ready made colors
Old Masters Wiping Stain

Old Masters Wiping Stain

Old Masters Wiping stain is a solvent based stain. This stain is applied with a rag or brush and can be tinted to any color you need.

  • Unlimited colors available
  • Provides a uniform finish
  • Thinner consistency allows for more manipulation of the stain
Old Master Gel Polyurethane

Old Master Gel Polyurethane

Old Masters Gel Polyurethane provides a durable satin finish to your wood project. This product is rubbed on with a rag leaving you with a brush stroke free clear coat.

  • Provides an polish look free of brush marks
Old Master Polyurethane

Old Master Polyurethane

Old Master Polyurethane provides a durable Satin, Semi Gloss or Gloss top coat to your staining project.

  • Available in Satin, Semi Gloss or Gloss
  • Solvent Based
Old Master Exterior Marine Spar Varnish

Old Master Exterior Marine Spar Varnish

Old Master Exterior Marine Spar Varnish is a super durable coating. It is designed specifically to protect your exterior wood surfaces from UV and moisture.

  • Available in Satin or Semi Gloss
  • Provides Excellent UV Protection
  • Great for Fiberglass stained doors or exterior wood doors
Modern Masters Metallic Paints

Modern Masters Metallic Paints

Modern Masters is the world leader in metallic Paints. Modern Master Metallic paints can be used for interior or exterior use and on almost any surface. These paints are water based and require no special application making the perfect for the “Do it yourselfer” or professional decorative painter. We have 8 pre mixed colors available in quarts or gallons and they can be intermixed to create an endless color pallet. We can special order any colors or quantity specific for your project.

Modern Masters Metallic Paints

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