Primers are an essential part of the painting process. Paints are engineer to provide color and durability. While primers are designed to seal a surface, improve adhesion & improve the top coats performance. If you are painting without a primer you may be increasing your cost and doing more work than is necessary. Check out our specialty primers below to see what is best for your situation.

Because different surfaces require different preparations and coatings, it is important to discuss your home’s materials – whether drywall, vinyl, stucco, brick, metal or wood – with your local Shelby Paint & Decorating paint expert.

Super Kote 1000 Primer

  • For Wood or Drywall
  • Good Hiding
  • Quick Dry
  • Low Odor
  • Easy application
  • Soap & Water Clean Up

All Prime Interior/Exterior Acrylic

There’s a reason Zinsser® All Prime Water-Base Primer is our most popular primer. This premium, whole-house primer-sealer provides outstanding performance indoors and out, with low odor, great flow and leveling and a flexible, acrylic formula.

  • Water-base primer-sealer
  • Interior and exterior
  • Sticks to all surfaces without sanding
  • Seals stains, graffiti and tannin bleed
  • Mold & mildew resistant film
  • Rust inhibitive – great for new metal
  • Fast 1 hour dry time

All Prime Interior/Exterior Alkyd

Zinsser® All Primer Interior/Exterior Alkyd, oil-based specialty primer that combines excellent adhesion with flexibility and stain blocking power for interior and exterior surfaces damaged by fire, water and smoke. All Primer Interior/Exterior Alkyd has excellent enamel holdout which makes it ideal for bare wood.

  • Interior and exterior
  • Sticks to all surfaces without sanding
  • Hides dark colors
  • Penetrates and seals
  • Use with any topcoat

All Prime Interior Only Alkyd

For a basic, hard-working primer, choose Zinsser® All Prime Interior Oil-Base Primer. This all-purpose formula, designed for professional painters, addresses most interior priming needs and dries fast and flat. Perfect for walls, trim and more.

  • High-hiding formula
  • Blocks water stains, nicotine & graffiti
  • Sands easily
  • Dries fast & flat
  • Sticks to all surfaces without sanding
  • Works with all topcoats

All Prime Pigmented Shellac

Looking for a “silver bullet” primer that covers everything unwanted? Use the one contractors keep in their vans: Zinsser® All Prime Pigmented Shellac Primer. As the original, shellac-base primer-sealer, nothing is better at permanently blocking stains, odors and wood knots.

  • Shellac-base primer-sealer
  • For interior and spot exterior use
  • Greatest stain sealer
  • Seals knots and sap streak
  • Seals pet, smoke and musty odors
  • Sticks to all surfaces without sanding
  • Lightning fast dry – recoat in 45 minutes

All Prime Problem Solving Primer

Lock down porous and crumbling surfaces with Zinsser® All Prime Problem Surface Sealer. This low-odor, water-based formula dries to a clear, matte finish, creating a hard, paintable seal over damaged drywall, adhesive residues and other chalky surfaces.

  • Repairs torn paper on damaged drywall, eliminates bubbles
  • Seals skim coats & spackling
  • Protects new drywall
  • Seals old wallpaper adhesive
  • Easy to apply, high spread rate, fast drying
  • Water-base, low odor, dries clear

All Prime Wallcovering Primer

Create the perfect surface for hanging wallpaper with Zinsser® All Prime Universal Wallcovering Primer-Sealer. This high-performance formula hides, primes, seals, and sizes in one coat—while also providing Zinsser’s® exclusive Mold & Mildew Shield™.

  • Mildew-resistant – Formulated w/ Zinsser’s exclusive “Mold & Mildew Shield™*
  • Prepares ALL Surfaces for hanging ALL wallcoverings
  • Assures easy removal
  • White, tintable, low odor, water cleanup

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