Lenmar® wood finish is carefully designed and backed by years of advanced wood coatings research which brings in lasting beauty and protection. Use Lenmar® lacquers to bring out the beauty in the wood in your home. These finishes require special equipment and should be professionally applied. Because different surfaces require different preparations and coatings, it is important to discuss your home’s materials – whether pine, oak or other woods – with your local Shelby Paint & Decorating paint expert.

UltraMax® Plus Water White Precatalyzed Lacquer

UltraMax® Plus Water White Precatalyzed Lacquer


UltraMax® Plus Water White Precatalyzed Lacquer products are high solids, water white pre-catalyzed nitrocellulose lacquers designed for professional woodworkers who demand performance with the flexibility to post catalyze a ready-to-spray finish.

  • 12-Month Shelf-Stable Precatalyzed Formula
  • Ready to use with no mixing
  • Durability of a catalyzed finish

DuraLaq® Nitrocellulose Lacquer Tint Bases

1K01.99XX, 1K02.47XX

DuraLaq® Nitrocellulose Lacquer Tint Bases are ideal for generating custom colors with the use of industrial colorants.

  • Tint Bases – 1000 Custom Colors from Industrial Colorants
  • High Solids for rapid film build
  • Resin-Solvent Combination
  • Rapid dry with excellent flow and leveling

DuraLaq® White Lacquer Undercoater


An ideal foundation for any of the DuraLaq® Nitrocellulose pigmented topcoats or UltraLaq® Precatalyzed pigmented topcoats.

  • For High Hide, High Volume applications
  • Excellent penetration and adhesion

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