Interior Ceiling Paints

Ceilings are one of the most difficult areas of your home to paint. Choosing the correct ceiling paint for your project can make all the difference. Benjamin Moore ceiling paints are formulated to be user friendly, hiding imperfections and preventing lap marks and drying to a dead flat finish. Because different surfaces require different preparations and coatings, it is important to discuss your home’s materials – whether drywall, vinyl, stucco, brick, metal or wood – with your local Shelby Paint & Decorating paint expert.

Waterborne Ceiling Paint (508)

Waterborne Ceiling Paint (508)

  • Superior hide for a flawless finish
  • Flattest finish offered by Benjamin Moore
  • Conceals common surface imperfections
  • Easy application with fantastic results
  • Ample open time ensure minimal lapping
  • Formulated for minimal spatter
  • Zero VOC*
Muresco Ceiling Paint (258)

Muresco Ceiling Paint (258)

  • Features solid hiding and easy application
  • Resists spattering when applied with a roller
  • Tones down ceiling glare and provides maximum diffused light.
  • Provides a beautiful uniform flat finish

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