Earlier this year, we partnered with the Detroit Historical Society and the Detroit Historical Museum in an exhibit and contest!

We handpicked 25 colors that we thought best represented Detroit and its history. We pulled colors from the Belle Isle Aquarium, Book Tower, Detroit Athletic Club, Packard plant, and Fisher Building, as well as countless other buildings from downtown. We wanted these colors to serve as a visual representation of Detroit’s rich history of innovation.

Once we got the colors down to a science, we opened them up for you — the people of Detroit — to name. We got so many amazing responses! Here are the winners:

  • White Stripes — Named by Natalie Diehl
  • Edna’s Noble White — Named by Patricia Montemurri
  • Corktown Celedon — Named by Patricia Montemurri
  • Delray Moss — Named by Alan Reed
  • L.Hudson — Named by Carolyn Ward
  • Wyland Waters – Named by Josie Strasz
  • Pale Pewabic — Named by Patricia Majher
  • Paris of the Midwest — Named by Nicole Lapointe
  • Rosedale Park — Named by Gary North
  • Belle Isle Blue — Named by Kiley Smith
  • Kaline Cobalt — Named by Clarice Higgins
  • Black Bottom Blue — Named by Jonathan Burkey
  • Dossin Blue — Named by Brad & Daniel Irwin
  • Cadillac Slate — Named by Alan Reed
  • Detroit Steel — Named by Brad & Daniel Irwin
  • East English Village — Named by Gary North
  • Out of the Ashes — Named by Fiona Roth
  • Motor City Mist — Named by Marianne A. Bogard
  • City Sidewalk — Named by Sylvia Mansfield
  • Anne’s Lace — Named by Elizabeth Cox
  • Kresge Cream — Named by Patricia A. Nadon
  • Wescott — Named by Chelsea Knoblock
  • Fort Detroit — Named by Heather Roberts
  • Boston Cooler — Named by Krysta Baughman
  • 12th Street Tan — Named by Patricia A. Nadon
  • Detroit Ginger Ale — Named by Caryn Dean
  • Scott Fountain — Named by Mala Cowan

Everyone who entered a winning name is receiving a $50 gift card for Motor City Paint, redeemable at one of our area stores or online. In addition, Brian Ambrozy from Detroit and Beth Cox from Livonia will be receiving our grand prizes — a professional paint job valued at $1,000!

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