Color. It’s everywhere: nature, architecture, food, and the design of just about everything. Color’s light and energy shape our emotions and influences our mental and physical state of being. When repainting or redecorating your home, choosing the right color is critical because color determines how you feel in your living space.

Understanding the psychology behind color makes it easier to select a color palette for your home.

Colors are often described as warm or cool. Warm colors like red, yellow and orange increase the heart rate and pump adrenaline into the bloodstream. If you want to create an environment of stimulation, you might choose yellow or orange. These colors are often associated with food and can make you feel a little hungry, which is why so many restaurants use them. If you are a calorie-counter though, you may want to avoid using these colors in a kitchen or dining room!

1800 paint colors

Cool colors like green, blue and purple create an overall feeling of calmness. Green is considered to be a restful color. There is some scientific logic behind this because the color green focuses directly on the retina, which is less stressful on the eyes. Green is the color of nature and is the perfect backdrop for nearly any living space.

Blue is an excellent choice for high-traffic rooms or rooms you spend a significant amount of time in. Blue is a calming and serene color said to decrease respiration and lower blood pressure. Blue is the perfect color choice for a bedroom, living room or family room.

When you need to be creative and get your brain synapses firing, try the color purple. Purple is the combination of red and blue, which provides a balance between stimulation and serenity, and encourages creativity. Purple is a perfect color selection for a home or business office.

Understanding the psychology of color is important when redecorating. Understanding how each color transforms the space determines how you will feel living and entertaining there.

For some, choosing a paint color is intuitive and easy. Others become overwhelmed by the number of choices available. No matter where you fall on the spectrum, the highly-trained professionals at Motor City Paint – Shelby Paint & Decorating can help you select the perfect color for your next design project.

Motor City Paint custom mixes 1,800 colors of paint. Bring in your inspiration piece – a pillow, a piece of fabric or art – and let us custom mix the perfect color for you.

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